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Bravo 200

50 Hz
60 Hz

Product code 8146.020

Submersible slurry pumps for pumping fluids with abrasive solids.

All slurry applications don't require heavy duty pumps, and to meet this demand Grindex offer two smaller models, Bravo 200 and Bravo 300. They are intended for applications with lower demands on capability and wear resistance, and they are not equipped with agitator. For capacities below these, we recommend Grindex sludge pumps.

Also available in Explosion Proof version.

Graph Bravo 200 metric

Graph Bravo 200 imperials

Bravo 200
  • Specifications
    Technical specifications Pump type

    Electrical submersible three-phase Slurry pump


    IP 68

    Max submersion

    20 m/66 ft


    20 m/66 ft SUBCAB This pump requires an external starter box

    Discharge connection

    Hose, BSP or NPT


    pH 5.5-14

    Max liquid temp

    40°C/104°F (70°C/158°F on request)

    60 Hz Bravo 200
    Discharge connection 4"
    Rated power P2 [kW/hp] 5.6 / 7.5
    Max. power consumption P1 [kW] 6.7
    Shaft speed [rpm] 1740
    Rated current at 230V 19 A
    Rated current at 460V 9.6 A
    Rated current at 575V 7.8 A
    Solids passage [mm/inch] 50 / 2
    Height [mm/inch] 760 / 30
    Diameter [mm/inch] 460 / 18
    Weight [kg/lbs] 157 / 346
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