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Our wide product range, from lightweight portable pumps to large drainage pumps weighing more than half a ton, ensures that Grindex pumps are used in diverse applications around the world. Key applications include construction, mining and industry. But we will strive to meet your needs even outside these areas.

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Hassle-free recycling in Sweden

Malmö, Sweden
Hassle-free recycling from a recycling plant in Malmö At construction sites, the dust content can be so high that even those who do not perform dusty work are...

10,000 tons at sea in Monaco

Monaco, France
The Telstar agency in Marseille is contributing to the building of residential blocks in the seaside area in Monaco. The immersion of a series of 18 caissons...

Municipal flood control

"We were missing everything! Koege lacked all the equipment to handle a situation like this, so we had no control at all, " Michael Munk explains, he is the...

Thai cave rescue 2018

Nopporn Express LP
Chiang Rai, Thailand
The rescue of a youth soccer team from a cave in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand hit the headlines around the world earlier this year as engineers and emergency...

A new approach to tunnelling dewatering with Grindex Pumps

CMC Construction
When the mountain topography of the Yellow River Tunnel Project in Xiao Yi, China, was originally surveyed, the projected water seepage rate was 50 l/s...

Demanding groundwater reduction, Grand Hotel Titlis Palace

Marti Ag
Engelberg, Switzerland
An exclusive luxury hotel is being completely renovated in the historical city center of Engelberg, Switzerland. During the construction phase, specialists of...

Desalination and a power generation plant

Boodai Trading Company (BTC)
Grindex pumps faces challenges in high concentration of salt water Once again, Maxi and Matador pumps have proven their reliability during a specialized work...

Small scale gold mining - the future?

Botnia Exploration
Fäbodtjärn’, Sweden
“Now we’re kicking off!” was the single phrase in an email sent to, which caught our attention. Scrolling down we found the sender to be...

Vegetable washing system (Austria)

Vegetable washing company
Marchfeld, Austria
Grindex pumps are successful working in vegetable washing systems in Austria Many companies in the vegetable washing business are successfully using Grindex...

Laos open mine

Nopporn Express
Sepon Copper Mine, Savannakhet, Laos
Pumping hard-wearing mine media in extreme conditions calls for a mega solution When the Sepon mine was having continuous problems with their submersible...

Expanding a port in the city of Gävle

Gävle port
Gävle, Sweden
Pumping hard wearing media over a long distance? Sounds like a job for a Hard Iron™ Grindex pump When a new method of port construction was being carried out...

Sweden - City lane

Stockholm, Sweden
Building an underwater tunnel in the middle of the Swedish capital calls for the most reliable pumps When the time arrived to sink the 20,000 metric ton...

Boshporus highway

Euroasia Tunnel Project
Another major tunnel project, another job for Grindex pumps Once again Grindex pumps have been chosen to keep one of the world’s most advanced tunnelling...

Turkey Coastal Safety

Turkish Dırectorate General of Coastal Safety (DGSC)
Grindex to the rescue! The Turkish Dırectorate General of Coastal Safety (DGSC) is responsible for assisting and improving the safety of navigation in Turkish...

Illinois (quarrying)

Illinois Quarry
Whatever the conditions, you can rely on a Grindex pump to keep performing Illinois isn’t exactly renowned for it’s placid weather conditions. The state often...

Tunneling (China)

Gansu Sino-Italy
Gansu, China
When excavating an 18 km tunnel in the Chinese province of Gansu, contractors Gansu Sino-Italy quickly realised they needed Grindex pumps to handle the...

Steel mills (China)

Zhangjiagang Pohang Stainless Steel Co
Jiangsu, China
After suffering consistent pump failures in their annealing and pickling sedimentation basins, the Zhangjiagang Pohang Stainless Steel Co. Ltd turned to...

The Stockholm City Line

Stockholm City Line
Stockholm, Sweden
The Art of moving a tunnel – pumping in a tight spot When the steel boxes that form the tunnel of the Stockholm City Line were transported from Estonia to...

Trollhatte canal 2011

Swedish Maritime Administration
Trollhattan, Sweden
Trollhatte canal emptied When it was decided that new doors needed fitt ing on the four locks at Trollhattan on the Trollhattan Canal in central Sweden, the...


Stockholm, Sweden
Pumps: Keep it clean - pumping on a green building site With an area of around 15,000 m2 to keep free of water for up to 2.5 years during demolition, blasting...

Trollhatte canal 2009

Swedish Maritime Administration
Trollhätte, Sweden
Trollhätte canal, located in the Southwest part of Sweden, has a difference in altitude of 44 meters, handled by six locks. One single lockage demands...

Inox in a Landfill (Illinois)

Waste Management CID
For collection and transport of leachate, landfill sites are using various types of pumps. Gr index electrical corrosion resistant pumps provide the volume...


Lemminkäinen Infra
Sundsvall, Sweden
Grindex pumps bedrock for more trains Dewatering a big tunnelling project demands both reliable dewatering pumps and a well planned sedimentation system. This...

High voltage cable tunnel

Oden Anläggningsentreprenad
Stockholm, Sweden
Grindex new series of dewatering pumps are designed to last three times longer in abrasive applications compared to previous pump generations. In this case...