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Grindex’s SMART (Surveillance of the Motor And RoTation) electronic surveillance system, first developed in 1990, is a vital element in our pumps. With its three-fold motor protection, it shields the pumps from electrical problems:phase guards protect the motor against single phasing; temperature switching protects it from overheating, and phase sequence control ensures that impellers run in the right direction.

In the interactive presentation of Grindex AR-app you can lift the SMART out of the pump in 3D-view, and rotate the assembly in any direction by swiping, and read about the features of the SMART (English). 

- Built-in plug and play; no need for external start boxes

- Phase-failure guard protects against phase loss

- Temperature guard stops the pump if it reaches high temperature

- Automatic restart after stop

- Phase-sequence control ensures that impellers turn in right direction

- First developed by Grindex in 1990


Read about "Plug and Pump", how a Soft Starter can reduce equipment wear, mechanical stress and the starting current etc.

Soft starter Plug and Pump
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