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Grindex Cutaway AR-app


Grindex Cutaway AR-app, launched in september 2016, consists of an Android version and an IOS version for handheld devices like tablets and smartphones (see link at the bottom to download).

The app provide an interactive view inside a Grindex submersible drainage pump, in 3-dimensional X-ray or Cut-way mode. You can use it to learn more of submersible pumps in general and see the unique features of the Grindex pumps in particular. See animations where the hydraulic parts can be lifted out and rotated in any direction, the Air Valve opens when the water is gone, the adjustment sleeve brings the pump back to its original performance, and many other features.

A short introduction to general AR-techniques can be found here if you want to know more.


Grindex interactive AR-presentation consists of a 3-dimensional pump in X-ray- or Cutaway-mode, and a number of animations of the main product features;



X-ray mode Cut-away mode

The X-ray mode
In the X-ray mode the outer shell of the pump becomes transparent, giving you a good view of parts inside the pump.

The Cut-away mode
In the cut-away mode a part of the pump is cut away to let you see inside the pump.


The animations of main product benefits consists of:

HydraulicsThanks to exceptional wear resistance, our wear and hydraulic parts help to prolong the lifespan of Grindex pump equipment, while securing high efficiency.
Use the interactive presentation to extract the hydraulic parts in an "exploded" 3D-view, rotate the assembly in any direction by swiping, and zoom by pinching your finger across the display, while the impeller is spinning and debris is transported away from the seal.

ReliabilityGrindex invented and patented the world’s first air valve in 1960. Thanks to the built-in motor protection and the air valve, our pumps run unsupervised for longer periods.
See the water level lower as it is pumped away, and zoom in to see the air valve opening when the water is gone.
See how the inspection plug chamber is connected to the rest of the pump and get a closer look at the seal cartridge.


Grindex’s SMART electronic surveillance system, first developed in 1990, is a vital element in our pumps. With its three-fold motor protection, it shields the pumps from electrical problems.
In the interactive presentation you can lift the SMART out of the pump in 3D-view, and rotate the assembly in any direction by swiping, and read about all features of the SMART (English).

MaintenanceSee service animations of the Inspection plug, the Oil plug and quick readjustment to asnew performance by the adjustment sleeve.


What you need to use the app:

To use the app you need a handheld device and a target image.
The app will work on IOS (IPhone & iPad) and Android (Samsung etc.) devices, not older than 2-3 years due to 3D-rendering demands. The optimal device would have a fairly big screen and a powerful processor, but we have successfully run it on iPhone 5 and 6.
The target image is available in Grindex Pump Handbook, page 5 (small size; works well when sitting at a table discussing features), in Grindex Big Book, page 23 (bigger size) and can also be downloaded and printed in various sizes up to full size of the pump.

To be printed on a A4 sized paper: shows the pump in 10% scale

To be printed on a A3 sized paper: shows the pump in 20% scale

Round mat, to be printed on a 58 x 58 cm sized paper: Shows the pump in full scale.


Some hints:

To get the best experience please make sure you have a target image of high quality, without wrinkles or folding's.

The orientation of the image is precise; if you turn the target, the 3D pump will turn too, and you can look at it from any angle.

On iPhone we successfully have been using "Air Play" thru an Apple-TV to display the presentation wireless on a big screen or a projector in training courses or at trade shows. There are probably similar techniques available for the Android OS.

Please take some time to get acquainted with the tool before using it in your first presentation, you will probably find your own favorite way of using it.

You are also able to send usage statistics (time spent on each focus point) and comments of the presentation to us and an e-mail address of your choice. We are not collecting any information from you if you do not send it to us.


Download the Apple IOS version:


Download the Android version:

QR-code to Apple App store

Download the app for an
IOS (Apple) device by the
QR-code to the left or the following link
  QR-code to Google Play store Download the app for an
Android device by the QR-code
to the left or the following link


Grindex Cutaway AR-app used in education

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