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Grindex interactive 3D and AR-app

Quick Guide to Grindex AR app

Have you tried our new augmented reality app? The app provides an interactive view in 3D of a Grindex submersible drainage pump, and is a complement to the traditional demo pump. It makes it easier to show pump features and highlight main advantages. Those who haven’t tried it yet, might find this Quick Guide useful:

Get started now!
1. Download the app for IOS or Android devices.
2. Get a target image from Grindex Pump Handbook, from “The great pump guide”, or from Grindex here

App features

  • X-ray mode: the outer pump shell is transparent to give a clear view of the parts inside.
  • Cut-away mode: a part of the pump is cut away to show the inside of the pump.
  • Animations of product benefits: durability, reliability, intelligence and easy to service. Learn more here

App benefits

  • Smoother and quicker customer demos. 
  • Non-stop availability no matter of location.
  • Can be used by all representatives at the same time.



Download the Apple IOS version:


Download the Android version:

QR-code to Apple App store

Download the app for an
IOS (Apple) device by the
QR-code to the left or the following link
  Download the app for an
Android device by the QR-code
to the left or the following link


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