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Starter 6-32A DOL 50Hz with CEE plug 6-32A, overload relay & pilot cable connection for temperature guard Item No.
6-10A 380-415V/CEE16 410804
9-14A 380-415V/CEE16 410805
13-18A 380-415V/CEE16 410806
9-14A 380-415V/CEE32 410807
17-23A 380-415V/CEE32 410808
24-32A 380-415V/CEE32 410809
Starter 6-32A DOL 50/60Hz with cable glands for pump/power cable 6-32A, overload relay & pilot cable connection for temperature guard  
17-23A 230V/cable connections 410802
24-32A 230V/cable connections 410803
6-10A 380-415V/cable connections 5076601
9-14A 380-415V/cable connections 410795
13-18A 380-415V/cable connections 410796
24-32A 380-415V/cable connections 410797
6-10A 460-500V/cable connections 5076603
9-14A 460-500V/cable connections 410799
13-18A 460-500V/cable connections 410800
24-32A 460-500V/cable connections 410801
Starter Panels GSP D32-D100 for Bravo & Maxi pumps 22-100 A, multi voltage 230-500V 50/60Hz for DOL start, IP55  
GSP-D32, 22-32A DOL 5163100
GSP-D40, 28-40A DOL 5163101
GSP-D50, 40-50A DOL 5163102
GSP-D63, 45-63A DOL 5163103
GSP-D75, 57-75A DOL 5163104
GSP-D90, 70-90A DOL 5163105
GSP-D100, 80-100A DOL 5163106
Starter Panels GSP Y32-D100 for Bravo & Maxi pumps 22-100 A, multi voltage 230-500V 50/60Hz for Star-Delta start, IP55  
GSP-Y32, 22-32A Y/D 5163200
GSP-Y40, 28-40A Y/D 5163201
GSP-Y50, 40-50A Y/D 5163202
GSP-Y63, 45-63A Y/D 5163203
GSP-Y75, 57-75A Y/D 5163204
GSP-Y90, 70-90A Y/D 5163205
GSP-Y100, 80-100A Y/D 5163206
Option. For level control with GSP 32-100 add separate start & stop level regulators for two regulator system (see below). Other configurations on request.
Starter Panels GSP D110-D185 for Magnum, Bravo & Mega pumps 100-185 A, multi voltage 230-500V 50/60Hz for DOL start, IP55.  
GSP-D110H*, 100-110A DOL 5163107
GSP-D140H*, 110-140A DOL 5163108
GSP-D170H*, 130-170A DOL 5163109
GSP-D185H*, 170-185A DOL 5163110
GSP-D110E*, 100-110A DOL 5163117
GSP-D140E*, 110-140A DOL 5163118
GSP-D170E*, 130-170A DOL 5163119
GSP-D185E*, 170-185A DOL 5163120
H* = MICS II/A-meter E* = MICS II/A-meter/PT 100 relay