10 Mega pumps to a mine in Chile

Grindex representative ACH Equipos, Chile, has received an order for 10 pcs Mega-pumps from the Codelco-Andina mine in Chile.

Condelco-Andina produces around 188,494 metric tons a year of fine copper, and it also delivers 2,901 metric tons of Molybdenum per year. Codelco-Andina is located eighty kilometers north east of Santiago, 3,700 to 4,200 meters above sea level. Currently this division executes ore exploitation in the Río Blanco underground mine and the Sur Sur open pit mine. 7 of the pumps are stainless steel version and 3 are in standard cast iron version.

10-Mega-pumps-to a-mine-in -Chile-1.jpg