Sump cleaning (Brazil)

Open pit mining company

Minas Gerais, Brazil

Bravo 60 living up to its name 


Acquired by a open pit mining company located in the Minas Gerais province for a slurry application (up to 60% solids concentration) in a sedimentation sump, the Grindex Bravo 60 pump lived up to its name, proving it's the ideal solution for a wide range of similar installations.  

In this case the Bravo 60 pump replaced a conventional dredging installation with several notable advantages, among others, it's ease of installation and manouverability, excellent performance and superior abrasion resistance.

Pump data

Grindex Bravo 60, impeller, volute and agitator made out of NiHard 4, pump power 52.3 HP, flow range from 10 to 120 liters/second, maximum discharge pressure 25 meters of head.

This success story was submitted by Sidrasul, Grindex's exclusive distributor for Brazil