Inox in a Landfill (Illinois)

Waste Management CID


For collection and transport of leachate, landfill sites are using various types of pumps.  

Grindex electrical corrosion resistant pumps provide the volume needed where pneumatic pumps and other submersibles pumps fall short. One of the landfills in Illinois has 18 Grindex corrosion resistant pumps in operation and they now have plans to replace all remaining submersibles with Grindex INOX pumps.



Waste Management CID a recycling and disposal facility located in Illinois covers 450 acres of land and have been around for more than 30 years. This site has four separate landfills and functions as a landfill plus remediation site handling hazardous/ nonhazardous waste, biosoil and corrosive leachate remediation for wastes produced from the southeast Chicago land metropolitan area.  


Each landfill is surrounded by wells, lift stations and tanks; within these leachate collection areas are pumps, both pneumatic and electrical submersibles. At this landfill pumps are used to transport leachate from wells to lift stations and tanks for further transport to the bio-treatment plant where the leachate is treated. The major issues at a landfill in terms of pumps are performance and corrosion resistance.

This landfill has been a user of electrical submersible pumps for years. They have tried other brands of submersible pumps but found that these pumps could not keep up with the corrosive conditions and lacked the required flow due to the long pipe runs.  

Grindex Solution


Grindex was contacted by this customer in 1999 as they were seeking a pump solution that could provide higher volume and extended service life. The customer decided to try one of Grindex's standard aluminum pumps which was put into operation shortly thereafter. In terms of operation the landfill was impressed with the flow performance versus the competitors' pumps, but still the corrosion resistance was an issue to address.

Fast forward to 2007 when Grindex launched the INOX range, a new line of corrosion resistant electrical submersible drainage and sludge pumps. The landfill decided to try one of them. The test turned out to be a success in terms of both performance and corrosion resistance.

To date this landfill has accumulated 18 INOX pumps with plans to replace all other aluminum pumps over time.


•Air cooling valve for dry running capability
•316 stainless construction - no corrosion means less maintenance
•Downtime is eliminated - Grindex INOX pumps will not fail due to corrosion
•pH range of 2-10 can withstand most corrosive liquids
•Pumps rated for 24/7 continuous duty
•Rugged design provides reliability to reduce downtime, eliminating emergency calls
•Peace of mind - the first Grindex INOX pump has been in operation since 2007