Desalination and a power generation plant

Boodai Trading Company (BTC)


Grindex pumps faces challenges in high concentration of salt water 

Once again, Maxi and Matador pumps have proven their reliability during a specialized work at Mesaieed sea beach for the job of excavation and laying the inlet and outlet pipes lines in desalination and a power generation plant in Qatar. The project includes investments for US$ 100 million and is to be finished in March 2017.

Boodai Trading Company
Boodai Trading Company (BTC), is the oldest company in Boodai Corporation ( Kuwaiti Conglomerate), was established in the mid 1950’s. BTC represents the most reliable and reputable brand names of “Construction Equipment & Industrial Tools” having presence in Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Oman. The company’s philosophy is to provide a comprehensive “After Sales Service“ to the clients with prompt delivery of spare parts , and provision of equipment backup support service. Boodai Qatar has biggest market share for submersible pumps in Qatar.

“This year Al Hassanain Co. is one of the best customers for us as they have purchased several types of equipments for this particular project including Grindex pumps. Al Hassanain is working as a subcontractor for Samsung C & T the main contractor for IWPP (Independent Water and Power Project). One of our key factors of success was the stock availability.  Of course, the premium Grindex brand and a multi dimensional reliable support from Grindex gave us an utterly satisfied customer”, says Anil Kumar, Senior Sales Executive at Boodai.

Tough application needs extra Zinc anodes

Al Hassanain, needs to lay off both pipes for inflow and outflow in deep water, up to 2.5 km. Another challenge is sea water containing high concentration of salt and other corroding agents. All Grindex pumps were equipped with additional extra Zinc anodes. The customer was provided free checkups in short intervals by trained technicians on site, to avoid and resists random breakdowns and to maintain a smoother operation.

“This project is indeed a tough project, with 20 Master, 45 Maxi and 58 Matador pumps working 24/7. We have a long history working with Boodai and they know that they can rely on the Grindex pumps. Once again, they have proven themselves, in a typical heavy duty dewatering application”, says Per-Åke Jägrén, Regional Manager, Grindex.