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50 Hz
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Product code 8125.230


Grindex Milli enables low suction down to only a few millimetres due to the unique non-return valve. The Milli share all the main components and functions with the well proven Micro, for the wear parts.

A non-return valve disc moves in a confined space. When the pump is started, the valve opens up and allows the water to pass through until the water is gone, or until you turn off the pump. When the valve closes, the seal against the lip-ring on the low suction bottom prevents the water from flushing out and emptying the hose.

The Milli pump excels in applications where reliability and easy handling are essential. It is built to handle contaminated water, pH 5-8, and water containing relatively abrasive solids up to the size of 5 mm.



Graph Milli metric

Graph Milli imperials

  • Specifications
    Technical specifications Pump type

    Electrical submersible One-phase.


    IP 68

    Max submersion

    5 m


    10 m/ 16AWG/3

    Discharge connection

    Hose, BSP or NPSM


    pH 5-8

    Max liquid temp


    50 Hz Milli
    Discharge connection 2"
    Rated power P2 [W] 420
    Max. power consumption P1 [W] 590
    Shaft speed [rpm] 2760
    Rated current at 115V 5,1 A
    Rated current at 230V 2,7 A
    Solids passage [mm] 6,2
    Height [mm] 464
    Diameter [mm] 188
    Weight [kg] 13
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