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Grindex Pump handbook

We are very proud to present Grindex Pump handbook. It comprises 64 pages, filled with an overview of all Grindex pumps, together with a pump school, intended to help pump users with common matters in pumping with submersible pumps. The handbook also contains more sophisticated technical information, like pH tables, graphs and formulas for calculation of friction losses in pipes and hoses.

We have seen the need for a pocket-sized, easty to carry, overview of all Grindex pumps. We trust the handbook will fulfill this need, and more. We strongly believe that this handbook will live long, as all levels of pump users can benefit from it. The pump novice will find help on choosing the right pump type for the job, while the more experienced people also find useful information like formulas.

Grindex pump handbook

Click here to see the handbook for 50Hz (5.5 MB)

Click here to see the handbook for 60Hz (5.5 MB)

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