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Product launch

The new and improved range of professional light weight submersible pumps, Micro, Mini and Solid, were launched at Grindex’ distributor conference in Istanbul, October 5-7, 2011.



The new pumps are designed to be light weight, yet still durable for professional use. They come with an air valve that cools the motor during dry running. To optimize the starting torque, the Mini and Solid pumps feature a separate start capacitor (only 50Hz). 60 Hz version will have the same performance as previous version of Micro, Macro and Solid. They are easy to install and service - and even easier to check the oil.micro, mini, solid

All pumps can easily be equipped with a float switch if needed.

The Mini pump is replacing the Macro pump in the Grindex pump family.

All 50 Hz and non CSA 60 Hz pumps are available for order. 60 Hz CSA/UL versions will be available in January 2012.

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Micro, Mini and Solid

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