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Press release - Grindex are expanding the product portfolio with Maxi H-Lite


Grindex, a world leader in electrical submersible pumps, is now launching Grindex Maxi H-Lite. With a 25 kW motor it’s a robust, reliable and ideal pump for heavy duty drainage applications. The Maxi H-Lite is built on the well-proven hydraulics from Grindex and is filling a gap between the Matador (18 kW) and popular Maxi (37kW). With these improvements Grindex is reaffirming its leading market position within submersible drainage pumps and pumping accessories.


With less weight and new slim design the Maxi H-Lite pump will be the first choice pump for use in site drainage applications all over the world. The Maxi H-Lite pump is based on well-proven hydraulics, fitted with a new redesigned and optimized top cover, including a new generation of cable entry that ensures that the junction chamber continuous free of water-ingress. The Maxi pump is available with an open impeller, in either Hard IronTM or in stainless steel. The hydraulic part is updated with the adjustment sleeve, a familiar sight in the Minex to Matador-range, and offers a way to easily readjust impeller-suction-cover-clearance to regain as-new performance after wear.


Grindex Maxi H-Lite will be a success for site drainage applications due to the light weight and compact design. This pump will be suitable for confined spaces and with the reduced weight the pump is expected to have a positive effect on maintenance, installation and life cycle cost all over the world. Maxi H-Lite means a very valuable and welcome addition to our range, sought after by both Grindex as well as our excellent distribution channel, says Peter Uvemo, Regional Manager, EMEA.


Similar updates become available for the Maxi H, Maxi N and Maxi L in the same product family. The Maxi H pump receives a face-lift with a lighter and more compact design. The aforementioned wear-adjustment will also be incorporated in the redesign of these 37kW bigger siblings of the Maxi-Lite. Just as the Maxi Lite, the renowned Maxi H, Maxi N and Maxi L will be available with (semi-)open impellers in either Hard IronTM or stainless steel.


For further information please contact:

Grindex AB

Peter Uvemo, Regional Manager, EMEA

Telephone: +46 8 606 66 00

Fax: +46 8 745 53 28

E-mail: marketing@grindex.com

Website: www.grindex.com


Grindex today Grindex is a world leader in electrical submersible pump technology for demanding applications such as construction, mining and heavy industry. The pumps are known for their high reliability, durability and dependability. Thanks to the built-in motor protection and the air valve, the pumps can run unsupervised for longer periods, and even run dry for a length of time.

Grindex was founded in 1940, and has been located close to Stockholm, Sweden, from the start. Since 1960 we've been dedicated to develop absolutely the best quality electrical submersible pumps - designed without compromise for professional users the world over. We strive to offer a pump for every need: drainage, sludge and slurry, in the most challenging environments imaginable.


Grindex exports to over 100 countries around the world, and has a subsidiary in the USA (Grindex North America).


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