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Van der Ende Groep - new distributor for Grindex in the Netherlands

As of December 8, 2014, Van der Ende Groep is exclusive dealer of Grindex pumps in the Netherlands. Van der Ende Groep supplies high-quality products for various markets worldwide; is established in Maasdijk (close to Rotterdam); has over 25 years of experience, 80 employees and a dedicated Grindex sales team. Van der Ende Groep have a large stock of pumps, accessories and parts, with a service department that is accessible 24/7 doing repair, rebuild and maintenance of the Grindex pumps and other products.

"The Van der Ende Groep houses all disciplines under one single roof. We sell, service and repair pumps, electric motors, frequency converters, geared motors, valves, fans, filter solutions for air and liquids. We are honored and excited to be chosen to distribute, service and repair the Grindex brand in The Netherlands, while always keeping in mind that our main goal is to relieve our customers by supplying them with the best products available in the market. By this expansion of our program, we can offer our customers even better solutions for pumping abrasive fluids. Please contact us for all Grindex drainage-, stainless steel-, sludge- and slurry pumps as well as parts" says Product Manager Paul van den Berg, Van der Ende Groep.

For more information, please contact Van der Ende Groep:
Product Manager Paul van den Berg, or Account Manager Michel Koeleman.
e-mail: grindex@vanderendergoep.nl
Internet: www.vanderendegroep.nl

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