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Grindex Milli enables low suction down to only a few millimetres



Grindex, a world leader in electrical submersible pumps, is now launching Grindex Milli, a low-suction version built on the well-established and proven drainage pump Micro. The Micro and Milli share all the main components and functions for the wear parts. Adding a non-return valve to the hydraulic parts to prevent a backflow, the Milli can pump down to a level as low as a few millimeters. With these improvements Grindex is establishing the leading market position within submersible drainage pumps and pumping accessories.


Grindex Milli will solve a major issue with water in application areas where you need to empty the basement completely. This pump will be a success for the construction business, for fire brigades and for other incidental users where you need a pump to empty basements. Milli fills a gap in our product portfolio that our customers have requested, says Peter Uvemo, Regional Manager, EMEA.

As the other drainage pumps in the Grindex product portfolio, Milli also has our unique feature, the patented air valve. This means the pump has dry-running capabilities that are unique on the market.

The non-return valve disc moves in a confined space. When the pump is started, the valve opens up and allows the water to pass through until the water is gone, or until you turn off the pump. The pump is capable to even run dry because of the air valve, which switches the motor to be cooled by air. In combination with the motor protection, the pump will restart without any manual supervision. This will protect the pump and make the work effective as well as lower the cost. When the valve closes, the seal against the lip-ring on the low suction bottom prevents the water from flushing out and emptying the hose.

The Grindex product improvement, a high quality product as Milli, will make a big difference to applications that need a reliable drainage pump, with the ability to run unsupervised, over and over again. By adding the feature with the non-return valve, we make our pumps even more efficient and save both a lot of additional work and money for our customers, says Peter Uvemo. 


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For further information please contact:
Grindex AB

Peter Uvemo, Regional Manager, EMEA

Telephone:        +46 8 606 66 00

E-mail:               marketing@grindex.com

Website:            www.grindex.com


Grindex today
Grindex is a world leader in electrical submersible pump technology for demanding applications such as construction, mining and heavy industry. The pumps are known for their high reliability, durability and dependability. Thanks to the built-in motor protection and the air valve, the pumps can run unsupervised for longer periods, and even run dry for a length of time.

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