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Ugol Rossii & Mining - June 3-6, 2014. Novokuznetsk, Russia

International Trade Show for open-cast mining, underground mining, mining technology exploration, coal preparation and mineral processing.

• More than 760 exhibitors from 25 countries
• Over 25,000 visitors from Russia and other countries
• Official group participation from Great Britain, Poland and Czech Republic

Market facts
UGOL ROSSII & MINING 2014, the most important trade fair for Mining Technology, Exploration, Underground Mining and Open-Cast Mining, Mineral Processing and Coal Preparation in Russia, will open its doors on 3rd of June 2014.
Alongside well-known names from the Russian Federation 192 internationally renowned exhibitors from 25 countries showcased their products and technologies in the previous event in 2013. Great Britain, Poland and the Czech Republic were represented with official joint stands.

Dynamic Investment Climate 
Economic experts forecast stable growth and increasing revenue for Russia. With a projected average plus of 4% of the gross national product for the coming years, the country that lies to the west and east of the Ural shall be in a steadfast position.

The Russian programme for the development of the coal industry provides for an increase in output from 334 tonnes in 2011 to 430 million tonnes in 2030.
Russia is the fifth largest coal producer in the world

• Approximately 65% of the coal is produced in surface mines
• Most important coal production area: Kuzbass Basin
• The granting of licences for 55 new deposits is also planned by 2015.

(Source: GTAI)

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