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New Distributor for Thailand

Grindex is happy to announce a new distribution and service arrangement in Thailand & Lao with Nopporn Express L.P the Authorised Distributor and Friendtech Engineering Co. LTD the Authorised Service provider.
The new model is based on the long held Grindex philosophy of building long term business relationships with Distributors who have the expertise and the commitment to the highest level of customer service.

Nopporn Express Office

The Friendtech QA accredited Service Facility located in Nakhon Pathom outside Bangkok is also the head office of Nopporn Express in Thailand.
The focus of the business is to provide a total de-watering solutions company, offering the highest standard of customer service and support by fully trained staff.
Grindex manufacturer product and service training has been successfully completed by all key personnel in a recent two week intensive training course run by Grindex personnel.
”The ability of the Nopporn Express and Friendtech Engineering’s partnership to offer the highest level of customer service, and to meet the strict OH&S and QA standard required by Grindex AB is something new for the region and is an example of the commitment Grindex has to identify and support the best possible Distributors within Asia. Our goal is to be recognized as the number one de-watering equipment and service provider in the Asia Region based on a model of quality and support”. Duncan Price Asia Pacific Regional Manager Grindex AP.

Nopporn Express

Services Offered:
Grindex Pump, Accessories & Spare Parts Sales
Access Grindex Asia based warehouse
Extensive Grindex Pump Rental Fleet
In house and on site service and overhaul
Approved Grindex pump wet test facility
Dewatering system auditing & design
Access to Engineering support from Grindex AB

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