Grindex Interactive 3D and AR-APP

Have you tried our new augmented reality app?

The app provides an interactive view in 3D of a Grindex submersible pump, and is a complement to the tranditional demo pump.  It makes it easier to show pump features and highlight main advantages.

Get Started now!

  1. Download the app for iOS of Android devices.
  2. Get a target image from Grindex Pump Handbook, from "the great pump guide" or from Grindex here

App features

AR Cut-away mode: a part of the pump is cut away to show the inside of the pump. Aim the camera of your device to the target image to activate the app. Keep using the camera aim to move top to bottom, zoom in & out around the pumps!

3D mode: If you are not used to the AR technology, 3D mode is easier to use. You don't need to use target image to see inside the pumps. Just use your fingers to pinch zoom in & out, flip up & down - you can see even the bottom of the pumps without aiming the camera all the time!

Animations of product benefits: durability, reliability, intelligence and easy to service. Learn more here

App benefits

  • Smoother and quicker customer demos.
  • Non-stop availability no matter of location.
  • Can be used by all representatives at the same time.
Download the Apple iOS version: Download the Android version:
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