New Distributor for Grindex in Italy

In the last five years in Europe all market have experienced strong upheavals and very strong was the contraction of the construction sector. Despite this the best organized companies were able to resist and also find new opportunities abroad, particularly the Italian contractors who are recognized around the world as global partners in terms of experience and technology. Aware of this reality Grindex chose for Italy Varisco S.p.A, leading company for the diesel engine-driven pumps used by professionals of drainage and ground water dewatering with wellpoint systems.
Based in Padua, Varisco is today responsible for the development of the Grindex business in Italy and provides customers a technical-commercial team of 10 people and 15 agencies distributed throughout the country with the aim of providing each construction site the range of world leading submersible pumps.
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Submitted by: Varisco S.p.A.