Drainage Pumps Maxi N / H / L

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Product Features
  • Pump type Electrical submersible Three-phase
  • Classification IP 68
  • Max submersion 20m
  • Cable (requires external starter) 20 meters
  • SUBCAB: 230V DOL: 4G35mm²
  • 230V Y/D: 4G25mm²
  • 400-500V DOL: 4G16mm²
  • 400-500V Y/D: 4G10mm²
  • Discharge connection 4-8´´ hose
  • ISO-G or NPT
  • Limitations ph 5-8
  • Max liquid temp 40°C

Product code 8107.011/030; Over the years the Maxi pump has proven to be the ideal pump for heavy duty drainage applications in all kinds of segments. Be it Construction, Mining or Industrial applications, the robust and reliable design combined with the ease-of-maintenance make it the pump of choice for hundreds of customers around the world. The Maxi pump is available in three configurations;
Maxi L (Low head)
Maxi N (Normal head)
Maxi H (High head)



50 hz
60 hz
Discharge connection
N 8" H 4" L 8"
N 8" H 4" L 8"
Rated power P2
N 37kW H 37kW L 30kW
N 43kW/58HP H 43kW/58HP L 37kW/50HP
Max. power consumption P1
N 41kW H 41kW L 33kW
N 48kW H 48kW L 42kW
Shaft speed
N 2950rpm H 2950rpm L 1465rpm
N 3545rpm H 3545rpm L 1765rpm
Rated current 1
N 112A at 230V H 112A at 230V L 98A at 230V
N 136A at 230V H 136A at 230V L 120A at 230V
Rated current 2
N 65A at 400V H 65A at 400V L 57A at 400V
N 65A at 460V H 65A at 460V L 64A at 460V
Rated current 3
N 52A at 500V H 52A at 500V L 45A at 500V
N 52A at 575V H 52A at 575V L 48A at 575V
Rated current 4
N 26A at 1000V H 26A at 1000V
Solids passage
N 15mm H 12mm L 15mm
N 15mm/0.59inch H 12mm/0.47inch L 15mm/0.59inch
N 1302mm H 1046mm L 1302mm
N 1302mm/51.3inch H 1046mm/41inch L 1302mm/51.3inch
N 506mm H 436mm L 506mm
N 506mm/20inch H 436mm/17inch L 506mm/20inch
N 280kg H 240kg L 285kg
N 280kg/618lbs H 240kg/530lbs L 285kg/628lbs
Performance Curves

Performance Curves

50 hz
60 hz


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