Stainless Steel Pumps Mega Inox

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Product Features
  • Pump type: Electrical submersible
  • Classification: IP 68
  • Max submersion: 75m
  • Cable: 20m (requires external starter) DOL: 1 x 3x50+2G35/2+S(2x0,5) YD: 2 x 4G25+S(2x0,5) Other options available on request
  • Discharge connection: H: 4” EN 1092-2 tab. 9 / ASME B 16.5-1996;tab.8 / undrilled N: 6” EN 1092-2 tab. 9 / ASME B 16.5-1996;tab.8 / undrilled
  • Limitations: ph 2-10
  • Max liquid temp: 40°C

Product code 8124.390;

With its impressive allowed pH range, from 2 up to 10, it is hard to find an application that can't be handled by the Inox pumps. All materials in contact with the liquid are made out of AISI 316 stainless steel or better.




50 hz
60 hz
Mega Inox - 60Hz
Discharge connection
N:6"(DN150) H: 4"(DN100)
N: 6"(DN150) H: 4"(DN100)
Rated power P2
N: 85kW H: 85kW
N: 95kW/127HP H: 95kW/127HP
Max. power consumption P1
N: 90kW H: 90kW
N: 100/133kW H: 100/133kW
Shaft speed
N: 2965rpm H:2965:rpm
N: 3560rpm H: 3560rpm
Rated current 1
N: 141 H: 141 at 400V
N: 159 H: 159 at 380V
Rated current 2
N: 111 H: 111 at 500V
N: 135 H: 135 at 460V
Rated current 3
N:56 H: 56 at 1000V
N: 107 H: 107 at 5V57
Solids passage
N:10mm H: 10mm
N: 10mm/0.39in H: 10mm/0.39in
N: 770mm H:1250mm
N 770 mm / 30.3 inches H 1250 mm / 49.2 inches
N: 1180mm H: 700mm
N 1180 mm / 46.5 inches H 700 mm / 27.6 inches
N: 925kg H: 1015kg
N 925 kg / 2039 lbs H 1015 kg / 2238 lbs
Performance Curves

Performance Curves

50 hz
60 hz
Mega Inox - 60Hz


Recommended Solutions

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