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Product brochures - German

Product brochures for each product family, as well as the small pump hand book, all in pdf-format.


50 Hz Micro Leaflet:

the Micro pump

50 Hz Milli leaflet

the Milli pump

50 Hz Drainage & Sludge pumps:

the Mini, Minex, Minette, Minor, Major, Master, Matador, Maxi, Magnum, Mega, Solid, Salvador, Senior and Sandy pumps

50 Hz Slurry pumps:

the Bravo 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800 and 900 pumps

50 Hz Stainless Steel pumps:

the Minette Inox, Major Inox, Master Inox, Salvador Inox, Senior Inox and Sandy Inox pumps

50 Hz Primo pumps

Primo D4, D8, S4 and S8

50 Hz Pump handbook

The pump handbook contains Grindex entire product range, the pump school, detailed technical information, recommended generator sizes and more, in pocket size.

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