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Grindex Cutaway Support page

Grindex Cutaway Support page

To use the AR-app you need a target image, and it can be found in Grindex small Pump Handbook (page 5 and 23) and in Grindex Big Book (page 23). The target images are also available for download and printing below.


AR-target to be printed on A4-paper (produces a ~20 cm high 3D model)

AR-target to be printed on A3-paper (produces a ~40 cm high 3D model) 

AR-target to be printed on 58x58 cm paper (produces a full size 3D model)

Some hints:

Cutaway closeup   X-ray closeup 

To get the best experience out of the presentation please make sure you have a target image of high quality, without wrinkles or folding's.

The orientation of the image is precise; if you turn the target, the 3D pump will turn too, and you can look at the 3D-model from any angle (as long as the camera can see the target image).


Zooming in to details can be done in two ways: moving the camera closer to the target image or "pinching" the 3D-model on the display.


To be able to turn the camera away from the target image while using the AR-app, or to just stabilize the image, press the "play/pause"-icon to the left.

On iPhone and iPad we successfully have been using "Air Play" thru an Apple-TV to display the presentation wireless on a big screen or a projector in training courses or at trade shows. There are probably similar techniques available for the Android OS.

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