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Grindex history

The beginning

The company that is Grindex today was founded in 1940 by engineers Kristensson and Grähs, who named the company after themselves. It was located in Ulvsunda, north-west of Stockholm. The first product line consisted of ignition mechanics for the Swedish navy. After WWII ended, production was refocused to brakes for carts and wagons.

In the mid 1940s the company developed a grinding machine for workshops. This paved the way for the next breakthough invention, a rock drill grinding machine called the Grindex Rockmaster. This machine first established Grindex's presence in the construction and mining industries, and is the foundation for today's Grindex.

When Börje Kristensson was out selling the grinding machine, he came across a new product on the market, a submersible drainage pump. The submersible pump concept was revolutionary. However, there were some drawbacks with the pumps at that time; they were heavy and could not run dry. Kristensson listened to the pump users, then set about developing a lightweight pump that could run dry, thanks to the patented air valve.

The first pump

New facilities were needed in order to produce the first pump. In 1960 the company moved to Haninge, south of Stockholm. During the early 60s the first pump became two, Minor and Major. The range was then soon expanded to five sizes.

More drainage pump models were introduced in the 70s, along with the first sludge pumps. The grinding machine operation was sold during the 1980s, and Grindex was now totally focused on submersible pumps. In 1989 a subsidiary was founded in Chicago, USA, to cover the American market.


New times. New Line.

In 1990 the New Line range was introduced with great success. Grindex was established as a world leader in electrical submersible drainage and sludge pumps. The introduction of the SMART electronic surveillance system, with a black box inside the pump, introduced the pumping methods of the 21st century. With its three-fold motor protection it is still a vital element in the reliability of Grindex pumps today!

Continuing success: Proline.

Built on the reliability - durability - simplicity concept of the New Line pumps, the Proline pumps (introduced 2000) continued to be the pump of choice for customers all over the world in a wide range of demanding applications. In that year we also celebrated the production of pump No. 200,000. These pumps have been delivered for a wide range of applications in many industries around the world - particularly in tough applications such as construction, mining and quarrying.

Grindex today

In a press release dated January 2008 Grindex explains about the comprehensive restructering that was started 2007 and culminates later in 2008. Center point of the restructering is the launch of a range of pumps that are the succesors to the Proline models. The new pumps combine the best you have come to expect from Grindex (built-in motor protection using the SMART, ease of installation) with a revolutionary new hydraulic design that dramatically reduces performance drop due to long time wear.

Today Grindex aims to reinforce its position as a global leader in submersible pumps for demanding applications such as construction, mining and heavy industry. Our products are exported all around the world. To reach the world's markets we have more than 50 global distributors.

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