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50 Hz
60 Hz

Product code 8101.160 and 8101.172

The Minex pump is the smallest model in the drainage range, but it shares all important features and benefits with the larger models, resulting in the lowest cost per cubic meter pumped. The drainage range of pumps drain water, not your wallet! The revolutionary hydraulic design ensures high wear resistence and dramatically reduces performance drop due to long time wear.

The Minex pump is available in two configurations;
Minex 1-phase (8101.160)
Minex 3-phase (8101.172)

Graph Minex metric

Graph Minex imperials

  • Specifications
    Technical specifications Pump type

    Electrical submersible One-phase and Three-phase


    IP 68

    Max submersion

    20 m


    20 m, SUBCAB: 1-ph: 3G1.5mm2 3-ph: 4G1.5mm2

    Discharge connection

    Hose, ISO-G or NPT


    pH 5-8

    Max liquid temp


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