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Chile Desert Floods

Heavy rains in the Atacama and Antofagasta areas – known as one of the most arid regions in the world, triggered flash floods that swept away entire villages. According to the National Emergency Office (Onemi), 22,381 people have been displaced and 4,095 are in temporary shelters.

Grindex distributor in Chile, ACH, reached out for help in connection with the flood disaster in Chile before Easter, and with the help of Logistic and Supply Distribution Centers we managed to send off a rush order of pumps by air on April 2nd  to assist in the rescue work.

We thank all involved for their extra efforts in connection with this.

More information: http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/Death-Toll-Disappeared-Numbers-Rise-in-Chile-Desert-Floods-20150401-0007.html

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